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I’m a creative consultant with a PhD in Monster Theory & Nineteenth-Cultural History, originally from Hong Kong and currently based in the U.K. I draw much of my creative inspiration from the beautiful Irish landscape and its rich cultural heritage.  Email: Eilislaphillips@gmail.com Twitter:@EilisPhillips Insta:@EilislaPhillips  LinkedIn: DrEilísPhillips


I currently offer the following consultancy services:


Copywriting, Editing, and Research 

I have over ten years’ experience writing for a wide variety of fields including commercial business, academia, the arts and government sectors. I hold three honours degrees including a PhD (passed without corrections),

Whether you need an expert eye to proofread your work, or want original written content worded perfectly to suit your brand or approach, I can provide text that will bring out the best of what you have to offer. 

I am available for commission, and can write short or long form pieces on any area of my expertise (outlined below). 

If you need to gather and synthesise data, or design an effective way of managing your own research, get in touch. I have worked as a researcher for the University of Portsmouth and the University of Chichester over the last seven years. I can find you the relevant information and content you need quickly and efficiently, and package this in a clearly accessible way. 

If you need engaging copywriting for your website or social media, look no further. I have been curating and providing content for personal and business sites and social media accounts for over five years. 


Creative Project Management & Marketing

Over the last ten years I have guided a range of clients through the creative project management process including large events planning for the University of Portsmouth and the DarkFest festival. 

I have experience managing large scale performance projects (e.g. festivals) intermediate events (small conferences) and intimate gatherings (gigs/book launches) and I can advise you on everything from how to book venues, and organise catering, to garnering public and press interest, to enticing attendees and fantastic speakers and performers for your events. 

I have a passion for promoting growing, independent entrepreneurs in any sector, whether that’s selling handcrafted floral arrangements, beautiful artwork and music, or other exciting products and services. 

I’ll offer guidance on digital marketing approaches that I have used, and which have worked for me and others, including boosting your SEO organically in a way that builds brand loyalty and feels natural, fun, and most importantly, makes best use of your time.


Creative Innovation: Everyday Magic 

I have worked in the creative sector for over 15 years; I started by producing and promoting my own music, and have extended my areas of expertise over the years to boost small businesses and individuals as they access their own creative potential. 

If what you’re looking for is a expert in creative brainstorming to help you shape ideas for your brand image, product design or promotional content, you’re in safe hands. 

My approach is heavily client-centred and blue-sky orientated. By that I mean that I’ll be discussing your big dreams and goals with you in-depth in order to access your personal creative ethos, or passion and use that to help you build a practical plan for the future of your business that gets you excited to start work every day.

In my own creativity, I strive to find the magic inherent in everyday things and situations. I am a keen photographer, and love to capture a piece of enchantment in every shot, no matter the subject. I use this desire for magic to help my clients find that spark of inspiration in the work that they do, and harness it for others to see and engage with. 

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Creative Content & Modelling 

 I have been on the executive board for Portsmouth DarkFest for the last three years, providing direction, guidance and creative input for their launch events and individual shows. 

I can provide a variety of creative products and services including: public storytelling, creative writing, scriptwriting, stage management and direction, immersive theatre and transmedia project management.

I have an extensive back catalogue of original music available for synchronisation to provide a moving soundtrack to your videos, films, presentations or other media projects. 

I have worked with a variety of talented N.I photographers over the years –  including Kris Telford, Carrie Davenport and Paul Moore – with a particular focus on portraying ethereal, otherworldly characters resonating with my own unique brand of folk music and magical realism writing.


Public Speaking, Performance & Workshop Facilitation

With over 15 years of professional public performance and recent experience as a teacher at the University of Portsmouth, I am a confident public speaker, musician and mentor, ready to entertain and educate in a variety of settings. 

I have been a guest, expert and presenter on everything from national TV and radio to podcasts and event livestreams and am available for speaking slots on all these forums. 

I have an extensive repertoire of original and cover music and am available for performances individually or as part of one of my musical groups, including work with Jackie Rainey (guitarist for Sinéad O’Connor). 

I have given a variety of lectures aimed at public and academic audiences and can facilitate information and upskilling workshops; providing resource packs and presentations to help any audience get to grips with the subject matter. 


I have expertise in the following areas:

Monster Theory (What are monsters? Why do they matter? What do they tell us about societies throughout time, or even about modern anxieties?)

Spatial Theories (How do spaces & environments affect us emotionally? How can we use space to tell stories?)

Occupational folklore (I specialise in British/American mining, sailing and railway folklore from the nineteenth century)

The concept of ‘othering’  (Exploring the concept and realities of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentalities including awareness of the demonisation of minority and marginalised groups in society.)

Nineteenth Century British History (My PhD examined themes of guilt and culpability in journalism and literature that demonized working-class people during the long nineteenth century). 

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Western attitudes towards religion, magic, the occult 
  • The history of the devil 
  • The history of fairies 
  • Ghostlore and hauntings
  • The Gothic/weird/uncanny
  • Steampunk
  • Creativity and the imagination 
  • Synaesthesia (personal experience, non-clinical)

This list is by no means exhaustive, so get in touch if you have a project in mind. I have a sliding pay scale depending on what services you need and what your current situation is. My ethos is to focus on projects which are fulfilling and ethical, and which will lead to the most promising outcomes for all. I’ll be happy to chat through initial ideas before asking for a payment commitment, so feel free to contact me via the details below and see if my work would be a good fit for you and your business. 

On this site you’ll find my academic & creative projects, my employment experience & other things I’m passionate about. You can check out links to my recorded music, gigs, fiction & published articles, & read about my current research interests.

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Hope you enjoy the site!

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