Moon Heart Reviews

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“I think it might be my fav release of 2018. If you like Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, Laura Marling or David Bowie to name but a few you’ll love this! Really well done Eilís, brilliant work.” Peter McVeigh – Songwriter, musician.

“Stylish, ethereal and intellectual pop-folk…Phillips is one of those artists that could easily rattle out a bunch of songs and they would be lovely without trying but these are infused with stories, information and a real sense of something magical.” Roland Monger Cornwall/Devon based Music blogger, occasional gig promoter and general Peelian enthusiast. Read the full review here: Listen With Monger. 

“Absolutely loving the new EP. Your voice reminds me of Sandy Denny in many ways. This is wonderful.” Ed Grabianowski – Writer, author of SFF & horror, singer in a band called Spacelord.

“Hauntingly beautiful and honestly one of the most unique and passionate albums I’ve heard in a long time.” Ioannis Papadopoulos – PhD student, guitarist, board game enthusiast & unbearably Greek.

“This EP is nothing less than beautiful. Eilis’ voice, whilst having a folksy timbre, has an understated power and magnetism that draws you in and gets into your psyche. The five songs on this disc will melt your heart and replay in your soul. The voice is redolent of Maggie Reilly, Maddy Prior, Joan Baez and Kate Bush. But the style is her own, and it is effortless and natural.” Andrew O’Kane, Explorer. Photographer. YouTuber. Whovian. Trekkie. Live music enthusiast. THE CURATOR – see the full review here.

“I read something recently that, if you don’t have a word for it, the thought remains inexpressible. Eilís with her dangling images nudges us towards the inexplicable.” T. J. O’Hare, author of Amnesiak: Blood Divinity (Spero Publishing). See the full review in Eternal Haunted Summer e-zine here. 

“I did go through it the other night to see if there were any stand out tracks I could pick, and every one of them is fantastic. They’re all really good songs, so I’m probably going to play all of them over the next few weeks.” Ronnie Carnwath, of the Cobwebs and Strange Show, Radio Warwickshire.

“It’s a great EP…Full of haunting lyrics and melodies,” Eve Blair, The Late Show, BBC Radio Ulster.

“What makes these tracks so powerful is the enduring and pervasive sentiment of independence. The at-times mellow nature of this music is not indicative of victimhood or disarray but rather a powerful sense of agency over one’s narrative and how that narrative is conveyed. These songs feel deeply personal and full of affect and assertion, and it is easy to find yourself caught up in the careful but deliberate emotionality. I adore each and every track.” Georgia Williams – Gender Researcher @ /Queer


“The EP starts out with a hard edge in the form of the wonderful “Boneshaker” but then drifts off into a dreamy soundscape that leaves the listener feeling like they are experiencing true magic. Eilis’ voice takes you on a journey into beautiful places and I personally am moved by the ethereal quality of songs like “Malcolm” and “Bellerophon”. I highly recommend this to people who love amazing female singer/songwriters and folky music.”  Ben Perkins. PhD student & Folk Music lover.

“Subtle, clever, with a shifting elusiveness. It’s bloody beautiful.” Matt Wingett, author of The Snow Witch.

“If there is such a thing as Space-Folk then Eilis Philips’ new EP ‘Moon Heart’ is it. Through its five slickly-produced songs, Phillips charts a moonshot of self-empowerment, loneliness, and a stardust-sprinkled wanderlust. Alternating between the defiant and melancholic, the collective effect is of a boldly pioneering but vulnerable spacewalk. This sonic space capsule beams back some quite beautiful messages from the existential abyss, and bodes well for future transmissions from the depths of Eilis Phillips’ distinctive creative solar system.” Kevan Manwaring – Prize-winning author and lecturer.