Moon Hearted Bird


The nights come on earlier every year

It’s a memory of a mask, and something you don’t really hear

It’s a dream, you once had


So you get the horsemen into place

John says, stick ‘em in the tower if it rains

And the, audience say, “Oh, I get it, it’s just a game”


That moon hearted bird, with the whippowill cries

Holds the world in its eyes

That moon hearted bird

With the reckoning sighs

Flies tonight


The leaves are finally turning brown

There’s a sickness all over town

It’s that point in the year when went up, must come down now




All storytellers are liars, dripping wax and starting fires

You & I, we’ll never stop, and we’ll never, of it tire.


Chorus x 2 [oohs]


That moon hearted bird, that moon hearted bird, that moon hearted bird,

Flies tonight.